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A Message From Our President

  Dear Visitor,

Blue Sky POS was born out of the recognition that independent retailers want a system that will allow them to compete on par with national retailers. Current POS software targeted at independent retailers provides similar functionality across register functions, inventory and purchasing but lack in robust marketing and customer facing featuPOSres. In the end, however, it is these very features that are essential to the survival of the "independents".

Blue Sky POS arms you with the same marketing and customer facing tools that the big guys use but without the big price tag.  Our product draws on the marketing and customer retention best practices used by large multi-billion dollar retailers and makes them available to you, the independents, franchisers, OEMs and chain stores.

  Please schedule a demo or order a trial and we'll show you how to use technology as a competitive weapon and take your business to the next level!
  Warm Regards,

Company History
  Blue Sky POS is a product of Conrad & Company with US offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.  The company also maintains a software development center in India. Conrad & Company was established in 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona as a information technology consulting firm specializing in selling, installing and supporting accounting, manufacturing, inventory and point of sale software. Over the years, the firm established a significant competency and customer base in Retail POS Systems.

Company Financial and Credit Information
  Prospective customers, suppliers and partners can order a copy of our D&B report for evaluation. Conrad & Company is a private Nevada corporation and accordingly does not make financial information available to the public.   

Information for Franchisers
  Blue Sky POS recognizes that many franchisers are not interested in building a POS system from scratch. They are often stuck acquiring an off-the-shelf POS that includes many features they can't use while at the same time excluding the critical features they need to support proprietary business processes.  Don't recreate the wheel!  Blue Sky POS provides the "75 percent solution" from which franchisers can modify and extend the software functionality to meet their exact specifications. Using our proprietary development methodology we collaborate with franchisers to design, develop and deploy a solution meeting their needs. Franchisers can take ownership of their POS and provide their own internal deployment and support services to their franchisees or outsource this function to Blue Sky POS.  
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