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Create and Scan Bar Coded Loyalty Cards
  Easily create, print and scan bar coded customer loyalty cards using any card printer. Scan your customer's loyalty card at the register and instantly know all their essential customer recognition and marketing information including how many points they have accrued. Blue Sky POS also easily handles gift cards too!  

Define Unlimited Point Accrual Ratios
  Blue Sky POS's powerful loyalty feature allows you to assign a unique point accrual to each item you sell.  As shown below,  you could set up an accrual that gives a customer 1 point for each $2 in purchases. 

Redeem Points at the Point of Sale
  Depending on the policy you define, customers can use accrued points at checkout to pay for their purchases.
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Did you know?
Customers can be assigned a loyalty level, like Gold, Platinum, etc. based on their level of purchases.







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